UK-based Global Executive Search Firm, Gillespie Manners is set for a record year. Their performance demonstrates the resilience of the technology jobs market amid economic uncertainty

Hertfordshire-based Global Executive Search firm, Gillespie Manners announce a record year, as they’re set to achieve a milestone turnover in excess of their business plan forecast. The end of 2022 will mark the firm’s best fiscal year yet.

Established in 2004, the Executive Search firm has been on a decades-long mission to unite talent and industry. With more roles placed this year than ever before, they’ll be smashing a company record with their turnover in 2022. The firm has experienced more than a year’s worth of consecutive record-breaking quarters leading up to this point.

Gillespie Manners boasts a 45-person strong team, with specialist functions in emerging technological areas such as automation, climate, supply chain and retail. They’re experiencing a steady demand across all markets for talent in sales, operations, marketing and leadership positions. And despite widespread concerns in the media around looming economic uncertainties, their markets are still very much candidate-led.

Director, Ben Hutton says “The markets aren’t slowing. Demand for talent is high, particularly in emerging areas of technology. This year we’ve witnessed a stark rise in counter-offers and a significant increase in salaries across the manufacturing and automation space. More than ever, hiring managers are looking to us for guidance on appropriate salary and compensation offerings. Amid a market like this, it’s crucial that remuneration packages are competitive. We’re proud to offer thorough guidance in this area – acting in a consultative manner in all our client partnerships.”

The retained, senior recruitment firm takes a unique approach to resourcing. Working as an extension of their clients’ hiring teams, they’re able to immerse themselves in their understanding of each role’s people-centric requirements. Andrew Manners, the firm’s co-founder and Managing Director states that “Our key goal has always been to match the best quality candidates based not only on skills and experience but on corporate cultural alignment. We often find that attitude and values will have the most significant impact on the outcome of a placements success, and that’s why we strive to match based on the human-centric factors”.

He continues, “Hitting this milestone sets a firm foundation for our future growth. Our teams continue to deliver exceptional service, achieving average NPS ratings of over 80. We’re forecasting exceptionally strong performances in Q1 & Q2 2023, and anticipate job market demand in the emerging technology space to withstand the speculation of upcoming economic pressures”.