The UK is 5th lowest risk country for cyber threats, according to new research

With warnings of cyberattacks happening around the world, new research reveals the countries across the globe that are the most (and least) at risk of cybercrime threats.
To find out if the dangers of cybercrime are equally spread across the globe, the anti-fraud experts at SEON combined cybersecurity indices and indicators, to reveal the countries that are the most (and least) risky for internet users.
The lowest risk countries for cyber threats:
The UK ranked 5th with a Cyber-Safety Score of 8.44/10, demonstrating the high levels of technology and cybercrime legislation protection in place for the country. The UK scored particularly highly in the Global Cybersecurity Index 2020, scoring 99.54/100, and also in the National Cyber Security Index (77.92/100).
Denmark is the most digitally secure country, with an overall Cyber-Safety Score of 8.91. Denmark scored highly in both featured cyber security indices, and did particularly well on the Cybersecurity Exposure Index, scoring just 0.117.
Germany took the medal for second, with a Cyber-Safety Score of 8.76. Germany is generally very safe for internet users, as a result of its high Global Cybersecurity Index score combined with comprehensive laws and regulations.
The United States placed third in the rankings with a Cyber-Safety Score of 8.73.
This high score was helped by the USA getting the highest score in the Global Cybersecurity Index.
The research also revealed the countries most at risk of cybercrime threats.
The highest risk countries for cyber threats:
Myanmar is the worst country for internet safety, scoring just 2.22. Myanmar scores poorly across the board, especially in terms of legislation, as hardly any has been enacted to put barriers in the way of cybercriminals.
In second place is Cambodia, which earned a Cyber-Safety Score of 2.67 overall. Another Southeast Asian nation with poor internet security.
Further Study Insights: 
  • In 2019, it was estimated that fraud cost the global economy an incredible 5.127 trillion dollars per year.