The Right Mortgage & Protection Network update the vulnerability training and resources for members

A year on from the FCA’s Financial Lives Matter survey, where nearly half of UK adults showed one or more signs of vulnerability, The Right Mortgage and Protection Network unveils their Vulnerability Hub, built to address the difficulties vulnerable consumers have when interacting with financial services.

Following the pandemic, it is likely those classed as vulnerable will have increased not only with customers, but with advisers too. Further vulnerabilities are likely come to the forefront as we see an increase in living costs affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the coming months. Furthermore, fraudulent financial scams are on the rise creating more hurdles for many.

The new hub will aid members in not only recognising and supporting vulnerability in their customers but it also provides a wealth of resource to address their own wellbeing alongside the network’s new ‘Time to Talk’ feature where members can seek a safe space to discuss their own mental health and wellness.

While the network has always had capabilities on the vulnerability front, this newly refreshed and reinvigorated hub of knowledge and resource will enable them to further support their members and in turn their members’ customers.

The tools on offer for members of the network include training for principals and their advisers in identifying and supporting vulnerable customers. Plus, new resources on offer in the form of guides, webinars, FCA guidance, video introductions and support facilities, will enable the members to have a new central location to access the content and signposting, on-demand.

Alongside the launch, comes the network’s refreshed commitment to further build and update this hub on an ongoing basis, adapting to their member’s needs and the demands of customers over time. Alongside this, the network’s appointed ‘Vulnerability Champions’ are a team from all departments who are in situ to help members in addressing customer vulnerability and their own wellbeing needs, should they need that support.

Ben Allen, Compliance Director at The Right Mortgage said: “I am proud that we continue to review our guidance and support to Network members around the topic of vulnerability. Our ‘vulnerability champions’ have put in a lot of effort over the past few months to produce a website that goes beyond how to identify consumer vulnerability. It seeks to provide guidance on how to support consumers and our advisers too.”