The Nottingham unveils new range of five-year fixed rate products

The Nottingham has introduced a new product, and rate reductions, to its range of five-year fixed mortgages.

In comes a 95% LTV product with a rate of 2.75%, no upfront or arrangement fees, a free basic valuation and free legal fees (standard) for remortgages.

The Nottingham’s other five-year (until 1 February 2025) fixed products have all seen interest rates reduced by up to 0.25%. They (below) also include the free valuation and legal fees for remortgages.

  • 75% LTV at 1.70% with £800 arrangement fee
  • 75% LTV at 1.85% with no fees
  • 80% LTV at 1.85% with £199 booking fee and £800 arrangement fee
  • 80% LTV at 2.00% with no fees
  • 90% LTV at 2.20% with £199 booking fee and £800 arrangement fee
  • 90% LTV at 2.40% with no fees

Nikki Warren-Dean, Head of Intermediary Sales for The Nottingham for Intermediaries, said: “We know many people look to lock into mortgage or remortgage deals for a longer period than the traditional two or three years, so have launched a new range – including a 95% product with a rate of 2.75%.

“In addition to that we are really pleased to have been able to reduce rates across the rest of our five-year fixed rate range.”