The most sought after nations for fake identity documents revealed as average cost comes in at £1,500

The latest research by digital identity specialists, ID Crypt Global, has revealed the alarming ease at which a fake ID can be acquired, as well as the cost of various fake documents and which nation’s command the highest price.

ID Crypt Global analysed the cost of obtaining a fake driving licence and a fake passport across 18 different countries, based on quotes from providers that can be found as easily as a quick Google search.

Obtaining a fake driving licence – £1,076

The research shows that on average, a basic fake driving licence, which will allow you to enter night clubs or buy alcohol under age, will set you back an average of £645.

More worrying still is the ability to buy what is advertised as a registered fake driving, which the provider alleges will be registered on government databases to allow a greater deal of deception using your fake identity.

The cost of this seemingly legitimate fake identity will cost you an average of £1,076. However, this cost climbs to £1,228 for those looking to obtain a fake driving licence in the UK, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Israel.

The most affordable registered fake driving licences can be obtained for both Bulgaria and Australia at a cost of just £409.

Obtaining a fake passport – £1,478

For those looking to take it a step further and purchase a fake passport, claimed to be of the highest quality available, the average cost comes in at £1,478.

The most sought after of the lot are Australia, New Zealand, Spain and the UAE where a fake passport will cost you £2,456.

Interestingly a UK passport is the least valuable in the current market, commanding just £819, with the cost of obtaining a European passport coming in higher at £1,228.

CEO and Founder of ID Crypt Global, Lauren Wilson-Smith, commented: “It’s quite astonishing that a quick Google search will point you directly to those in the business of producing fake identity documents and what’s particularly worrying is their claims with regard to the legitimacy of these counterfeits.

“It’s estimated that the UK Border Force discovers around 2,000 fraudulent identity documents on an annual basis alone. That’s almost £3m worth of fake documentation and that’s just the ones intercepted at our borders.

“It’s a big business and the ability to obtain a registered driving licence or passport presents implications far graver than the ability to bypass door staff at a local nightclub.

“At the very least it helps to facilitate a high level of illegal activity and at worst, it presents a threat to our national security.”