The Credit Services Association (CSA) Elects Tim Kirk to its Board of Directors

PRA Group is pleased to announce that Tim Kirk, country operations director for the company’s UK business, has been appointed to the Credit Services Association Board of Directors. The Credit Services Association (CSA) is the national trade association in the UK for organisations active in the debt collection and purchase industry. The association confirmed five board members—two returning and three new—during its Annual General Meeting of the Association.

“We are delighted to welcome Tim Kirk, a successful and respected industry leader, to our Board of Directors. His deep insights will help enhance the reputation of our industry and add great value to our stakeholders,” said Chris Leslie, chief executive of CSA. Kirk is responsible for ensuring PRA Group’s UK operation meets high levels of compliance and reliability, creates rewarding careers for its employees and provides excellent customer service.

“I am honoured to serve an organization like CSA whilst representing a global leader in the industry,” said Kirk. “Throughout my seven years with PRA Group, I have witnessed first-hand the essential role CSA plays to proactively improve our regulatory environment and our industry’s approach to customer care and debt solutions, aligning business results with success for our customers. I am keen to bring my experience at PRA Group to support and advance CSA’s growth areas such as regulation, digitalisation, diversification, education and inclusion.”

In addition to managing challenging economic cycles such as the dot-com bubble burst, the Great Recession and COVID-19, Kirk previously served alongside other leaders and innovators in the industry on the Debt Buyers and Sellers Group (DBSG) Governing Committee. He also maintains PRA Group’s working relationships with local officials and debt charities.

Kirk will play an active role on the CSA Board of Directors, building upon the collective knowledge of industry leaders as they drive success, trust and customer advocacy in the UK and around the world.