Scott Collin appointed as group chief commercial officer of Just.

Just is pleased to announce that Scott Collin has accepted the permanent role of Group Chief Commercial Officer, sitting on the Boards of both Just and our sister company, Arum.

Scott has been working with Just since its launch last year and with Arum since the beginning of 2019, following more than 15 years’ experience across the credit management industry, including Senior Director roles at TDX Group and Capita. He will continue to head up the business development and marketing, brand and communications functions of Just and Arum.

Group CEO, Andrew Pritchard, commented: “I am delighted Scott is joining us on a permanent basis; he has been instrumental in driving forward our commercial strategy, developing our long-term business plans, growing the team, and streamlining our processes. I look forward to continuing working with him.”

Scott Collin added: “I’ve really enjoyed being part of Arum’s growth whilst launching our new business, Just. We’re clearly facing some challenging times, however I’m confident both organisations will remain in a strong position, as the services we provide and the clients we serve are essential to the credit management industry across both the private and public sectors. We thank our clients for the trust they put in Arum and Just to deliver critical front and back office services and we thank our consulting and delivery teams for their passion and dedication.”