Rosie Lyon wins Global Young Banker of the Year Award with proposal to help sufferers and survivors of domestic abuse

Bringing true innovation to banking, Rosie Lyon from Allied Irish Bank (AIB) has been named the 2021 Young Banker of the Year during the virtual final of the competition.

In the run up to COP26, in Scotland, in November, we were also delighted to have the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) as supporters of the competition.

Launched in 1987 by the Chartered Banker Institute, the awards recognise and reward those individuals who reflect the qualities of customer-focused, ethical professionalism promoted by the Institute and expected by society.

This year, Young Bankers from around the world were asked to present an idea they could develop in their organisation that could improve outcomes for customers, colleagues, and communities, reflecting their vision for the future of the industry, whilst being consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This year’s winner was announced by Steve Pateman, Chair of the Chartered Banker Institute and after scooping this year’s title, Rosie Lyon commented:

” I am honoured to have been named this year’s Young Banker of the Year. The competition has given me a unique platform to help raise awareness of Domestic Abuse, an often-taboo topic which impacts significant numbers of people. It has allowed me to propose and implement practical steps which will improve the financial lives of sufferers and survivors. I truly believe that my idea will help bring positive change and make a real difference for people when they’re most vulnerable. I would like to thank AIB for their support and belief in my idea, the Chartered Banker Institute for the opportunity, and the many charities and other organisations which have supported me and my idea over the last few months. By collaborating on this as an industry we can achieve real change.”

An Audience prize for the candidate who, in the opinion of the viewers, best personified the high, professional standards expected of bankers through their presentation was also awarded by Simon Thompson, Chief Executive of the Chartered Banker Institute. The winner of this prize was James Houston from Lloyds Banking Group who said:

“I am very grateful and honoured to receive the ‘Young Banker of the Year’ 2021 Audience prize from the Chartered Banker Institute. It has been a privilege to take part in this prestigious competition alongside so many talented young bankers; I am confident that their innovative ideas will help to transform the banking industry and society now and into the future. This competition’s focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is so important, with propositions like the ‘Sustainable Savings Account’ helping to drive finance towards the Goals, allowing customers to support sustainable and responsible businesses. Finally, I would like to thank the Charted Banker Institute and all of the judges, for giving me a platform to share this idea.”

Steve Pateman, Chair of the Chartered Banker Institute commented: “Having watched the finalists, I was left with an impression of four young individuals who care greatly about the impact of banks on society in its broadest sense and each showed a compassion and consideration for which our industry is not usually renowned. I was left with a sense of admiration for their professionalism, creativity and passion for their chosen topic as well as their empathy towards the challenges we face in society today and in the future – a real sense of wanting to engage with those challenges and be part of the solution which is where our industry and profession needs to be.

I would like to congratulate all of them, and in particular, Rosie Lyon on becoming our 2021 Young Banker of the Year.”

Simon Thompson, Chief Executive of the Chartered Banker Institute, commenting on the winner of the Audience Prize said: “This year, as the UK gets ready to host the United Nations Climate Conference, COP26, in November, we were honoured that our Young Banker of the Year competition was supported for the first time in its proud history by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative – UNEP FI. Consequently, we attracted entrants from banks and bankers around the world – making the contest more challenging than ever.

I enjoyed the variety of approaches: James and Matthew focused on accelerating the uptake of sustainable finance, Edward on addressing the growing problem of financial exclusion and Rosie on supporting a very vulnerable group of customers – sufferers and survivors of domestic abuse. All will, when implemented, change banking, and change the world for better by helping align banking with sustainability in the broadest sense – environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and building back better from Covid-19, so that economic prosperity is more widely shared, and considers the needs of current and future generations.

I had the great pleasure in presenting the Audience Prize to James Houston and would like to join our judges in also congratulating Rosie for becoming, the 2021 Chartered Banker Young Banker of the Year.”