Robinson Way rebrands to Hoist Finance UK

The name Robinson Way, one of the oldest in the UK Collections industry, is to disappear eight years after the business was acquired by Hoist Finance, a debt resolution company publicly listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The company will become Hoist Finance UK.

The move follows a strategy to unify and harmonize the company’s operating model across the 12 countries in which it operates as part of its ‘One Hoist Finance’ campaign.

Julian Winfield, Chief Executive of Hoist Finance UK, says a new standardized approach is enabling the company to collaborate and create new and innovative ways to support customers on their way towards financial inclusion: “This will in essence not change anything for our customers,” he explains.

“We are the same company, but with a more standardized approach, and a global digital and business development team, we will be able to offer better and more innovative solutions that support our brand vision of being ‘by your side’.”

Robinson Way became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hoist Kredit AB, today Hoist Finance AB, after its successful acquisition in November 2012. Since then, Hoist has invested significantly in the organisation’s systems and processes to help expand the range of services it offers to its customers. It has also continued to build its reputation and long-term commitment to its customers, banking clients, and the local community, as a major employer. The Manchester office today employs 297 people and the London office employs 16 people.