receeve partners with Paylink Solutions technology to support financially vulnerable customers

The collections & recovery platform, receeve, has announced a new partnership with Paylink Solutions to provide a simple, efficient way to carry out affordability assessments for its customers across Europe.

Through Paylink’s technology, receeve clients will benefit from a quicker and more accurate service, which will maximise agent output. On average, clients will see a 75% improvement in the time it takes to complete an affordability assessment.

receeve is a Hamburg-based company empowering in-house debt collections & recovery teams across Europe through its end-to-end platform. receeve’s cloud-native, no-code platform is fast to deploy, simple to manage and easy to customise and expand.

Paylink Solutions delivers technology across the financial services and utilities sectors. Its digital affordability application is used by some of the UK’s most well-known banks and building societies and assists thousands of customers every day.

The customised solution quickly adds a market-leading affordability tool for both agents via phone or chat and for websites where customers can fully self-serve and securely upload personal information for agents to assess.

Paylink Solutions’ CEO, Susan Rann, said: “Enabling tailored solutions based on customers’ financial data is now more important than ever, especially for financially vulnerable customers. The partnership creates a more streamlined experience for both agents and customers and this partnership allows both organisations to expand their software across Europe and the UK.

“Paylink Solutions is working with an increasing number of lenders to provide more digitally focussed customer support. We’re delighted with the positive impact our software is having on thousands of customers across the UK every day.”

Using Open Banking and Credit Bureau data for pre-population, Paylink improves the speed and accuracy of affordability assessment completion, and, for UK clients, the embedded Standard Financial Statement guidelines ensure customers’ expenditure is realistic and sustainable.

receeve co-founder and CEO Paul Jozefak said: “Together we ensure more effective engagements and outcomes. Combining Paylink and receeve helps our clients gather all relevant data to understand a customer’s affordability and control the cost of risk in the current uncertain economic environment.

“Paylink Solutions helps ensure data can be more effectively gathered and added to the holistic view of the customer in the receeve platform.”