Quantuma partners with the UK’s first and only corporate credit ratings advisory service

Business advisory firm, Quantuma, has partnered with the UK’s first corporate credit ratings advisory service, Lightbulb Credit, to expand the range of support it can offer to the professional advisory community and their clients across the UK.

Lightbulb is the UK’s only advisor offering businesses the opportunity to review, better understand, improve, and monitor their credit ratings. Through Lightbulb Credit’s service businesses can view their ratings from all the major credit rating agencies in one simple report.

Through exclusive agreements and automated links with the UK’s five main business credit rating agencies, Lightbulb has immediate access to credit reports and key company information, identifying potential issues that could indicate a low credit rating. Using this information Lightbulb provides an up-to-date picture of what lenders, investors and trade suppliers can see which is typically out of date or incorrect, resulting in higher costs of funding and restricted trade credit limits. Lightbulb Credit is then able to rectify these errors resulting in substantial improvements in credit scores in as little as three days.

Quantuma will incorporate Lightbulb’s services as part of its own advisory offering, providing a unique tool for businesses looking to improve their trading position, reduce borrowing costs, and boost access to trade credit.

Professional advisers and their clients will be able to obtain a copy of their trade credit report via Quantuma’s website at no charge and can also access a monitoring service under a 90-day free trial which provides real-time alerts on any changes to a business’ rating and enables access to more in-depth reporting.

Frank Wessely, Managing Director at Quantuma, said: “Low company credit scores are misunderstood and are damaging to businesses, resulting in higher borrowing costs and lower trade credit limits from suppliers, as well as acting as a barrier to firms looking to obtain necessary finance to fund business growth. By partnering with Lightbulb, we continue to broaden our offering to support businesses at a critical time as we move into the post-pandemic recovery.”

James Piper, Managing Director at Lightbulb Credit, said: “Quantuma is one of the leading mid-market advisory firms and we are delighted to have secured them as our key strategic partner. Quantuma’s coverage across the UK and reputation as a high-quality firm will enable us to reach yet more businesses and provide support to those that are looking to unlock growth potential and to those that are experiencing challenges.”