Pitch 4 Finance secures finance for complicated Turkish deal

Pitch 4 Finance has completed a business loan for a broker whose client was a UK company but the loan was for assets in a foreign country.

This type of arrangement is unusual as due to the foreign nature of the assets most lenders will not consider lending on anything that has a UK structure with an offshore entity.

The client had a Turkish subsidiary and the loan was needed to obtain finance on contracts where the assets behind the contracts were situated in Turkey.

In cases like this the only other option available for the client was to raise money via private equity or reduce equity holdings in their company. Both of these routes are more expensive than the loan Pitch 4 Finance was able to secure.

As Pitch 4 Finance is an alternative finance sourcing system, it can access unusual areas of funding. But it can also introduce niche lenders who choose not to be on sourcing systems due to relationships built up over many years.

Miranda Khadr, CEO and founder of Pitch 4 Finance, said: “A case like this is difficult to finance but we managed to secure a funding line to fund our client’s future cash flow. This meant they didn’t have to dilute their equity by undertaking a private equity raise.

“As long as the client’s income stream is strong, we have access to a lender who will consider complicated jurisdictions.

“Complex mortgages are a speciality for Pitch 4 Finance and in scenarios like this we know which lender to go to. We were able to package the case for the broker and get the deal through relatively quickly.”