PayPlan partners with National Bereavement Service to support people following the death of loved ones

Free debt advice provider, PayPlan, has launched a new partnership with the National Bereavement Service (NBS) to provide practical, emotional and financial support to those who have experienced the death of someone close to them.

Through its new partnership, PayPlan clients dealing with grief or bereavement will have access to a dedicated NBS bereavement helpline where they’ll receive free practical advice and emotional support from NBS’ professional and highly experienced team.

The NBS provides vital support for people in the UK following the death of a loved one – at a time when your financial situation can cause additional emotional strain.

Lisa Lund, founder of NBS, said: “Death is a subject that affects us all, and yet we spend very little time talking about it or planning for it.

“As a result, people often must make a number of difficult decisions at a time when they’re at their most vulnerable, which can be both stressful and distressing. This can be particularly challenging for those in debt or worried about money.

“Our new partnership with PayPlan enables PayPlan clients to access practical and emotional support to help them deal with a bereavement, such as affordable funeral planning, understanding the probate process or managing a loved one’s estate.”

According to data from The Money and Pensions Service*, 24 million UK adults don’t feel confident managing their money so when they must face their finances alone, it can be a daunting task.

PayPlan not only offers debt solutions, but also provides budgeting advice and information on how to save money and reduce living costs to prevent people from falling into debt.

Rachel Duffey, CEO of PayPlan, said: “We recognise the vital role the NBS plays in offering support for those who have experienced the death of loved ones and we’re really proud to be able to support those who find themselves in financial difficulty.

“We understand the toll debts can have on mental health and wellbeing, and know those dealing with bereavement need advice at a time and in a way that’s convenient to day-to-day responsibilities.

“Whether it is helping those in debt manage their finances or helping somebody who has been left with their spouse’s debt, PayPlan can help you get back on track.

“Our new referral process with the NBS ensures the needs of those dealing with bereavement and we’re delighted to support them.”