Paradigm Protect add Cirencester Friendly to panel

Paradigm Protect, the directly authorised protection proposition – which is part of Paradigm Mortgage Services, has today added Cirencester Friendly’s range of Income Protection (IP) products to its panel.

Paradigm Protect member firms can now access Cirencester Friendly’s award-winning individual IP products including:

  • My Earnings Protected – offers enhanced cover with greater flexibility and certainty.
  • Income Assured Enhanced – offers affordable premiums and cover up to age 70.

Cirencester Friendly also offer a range of additional benefits providing clients with extra support including Fracture & Hospitalisation Benefit and Immediate Death Benefit.

Mike Allison, Head of Protection at Paradigm, commented: “Cirencester Friendly are fully immersed in the income protection market so we are very pleased to be able to add them to the Paradigm Protect panel and to have its products easily accessible to our member firms. Having the protection conversation with clients is perhaps more important than ever, with the economic headwinds growing stronger, and a greater degree of uncertainty about what happens next. Clients want to feel they have quality protection policies to draw upon should they need them, and working with Cirencester Friendly offers exactly this reassurance, providing advisers with more options to offer individuals the protection they need.”

Susie Beard-Moore, Head of Intermediary Sales at Cirencester Friendly, commented: “It is our mission to reach as many people as possible to give them the protection they need in these uncertain times, working with partners who share our values. This new venture with Paradigm achieves exactly this objective and I am delighted that our comprehensive Income Protection products are being added to the Paradigm Protect panel. We look forward to forging a successful partnership that offers people access to the security and certainty they need now more than ever.”