Paradigm launch ‘Summer School of Marketing’ to support advisory businesses

Paradigm Mortgage Services, the mortgage services proposition, has today launched a brand new ‘Summer School of Marketing’ to support advisory businesses in getting the most out of their marketing activities.

Over a six-week period, Paradigm will publishing a range of marketing-focused materials and resources in the form of guides, blogs, articles and worksheets, to aid firms in generating increased business.

Beginning this week with a ‘Getting Started’ guide, the Summer School has been designed for those who want to up their marketing activity, providing easy-to-use information and can be used by those who already have a marketing strategy or those seeking to begin developing their marketing output.

Each week of the Summer School will have a different focus and will be covering a range of topics including a look at various types of digital and offline marketing. This includes exploring how firms can: use social media including a specific focus on LinkedIn; improving the firm’s online presence; and how to think outside the box to increase engagement or to reach new audiences.

Paradigm will also explore the free resources available to advisers and how they can be utilised when delivering marketing activities.

A number of Paradigm lender and provider partners are also involved with the Summer School providing their own marketing insight via videos and marketing resources. While members of Paradigm’s own marketing team will be writing blogs on different topics throughout the summer.

Riona Mulherin, Head of Marketing & Operations at Paradigm Mortgage Services, commented: “Many advisory firms have a clear understanding of marketing and the best use of their time, investment and resource in order to get the most out of them. However, for others, the whole notion of marketing is not easily grasped, with many firms operating a hit and miss or piecemeal approach, not quite sure what the right method to use is or what results they are seeking to secure.

“That being the case, Paradigm’s ‘Summer School of Marketing’ is here to demystify the whole concept, to provide clear, easy to understand advice, and to offer a range of resources that can be utilised by all firms in order to either begin the marketing journey or to up their game.

“Each week we’ll be looking at a different area of marketing activity, how to get the most out of it, and what might work best in that medium. Our marketing team are producing a range of guides to be published, plus our lender and provider partners are also offering a whole host of easily-accessible resources to enable firms to have a full marketing mix.

“The Summer School is here to educate firms on the variety of marketing options available to them and to help develop the right content and output to hit the right audiences and generate the greatest level of business. Ultimately we want to support intermediaries in achieving better engagement with existing and potential customers, and to hopefully open up new opportunities and dialogues between the two. We hope you are able to join us over the next six weeks.”