Ofgem claims energy suppliers are failing vulnerable customers

In light of today’s news of Ofgem claiming that energy suppliers are failing struggling customers, Jayne Gardner, Partner at Shakespeare Martineau said: “Providers and their customers alike will be facing a financially tough autumn. With the prospect of many customers falling into arrears, communication really is key in order for providers to weather the storm.

“It’s no secret that the wholesale energy market has been thrown into disarray predominantly due to the Russia-Ukraine war, and providers are doing what they can to ensure their price of energy is sustainable for both the business and its customers to keep afloat. Providers are providing avenues for struggling customers to spread out costs as far as they can, and have necessary support funds for households who are in a particularly vulnerable position.

“A difficult bill to pay might be made manageable following the customer engaging with their provider, but without intervention or communication, those who are unable to pay (or deliberately choose not to) will amass debt at an extent where legal repercussions may result  a prospect which providers will seek to avoid unless absolutely necessary. Customers must be encouraged to communicate with providers as soon as possible if their bill becomes unsustainable.”