New era for conveyancing as ONP Group integrates with ChatGPT

ONP Group, the leading legal services provider, is integrating its systems with ChatGPT in order to remove administration tasks and enhance its customer journeys.

The move sees the firm become the first high-volume conveyancer to implement the advanced OpenAI chatbot which has taken the technology world by storm.

Launched in November last year, ChatGPT’s cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) allows it to give adaptive, human-like responses to questions, write stories and engage in conversation. It can even challenge incorrect premises and reject inappropriate requests.

ONP will use ChatGPT’s technology to automate document analysis in the conveyancing and remortgage process. This move will enable case managers to prioritise more value-adding work, like personalised client assistance and communication, for an enhanced client experience.

Andrew Taylor, CTO of ONP Group said: “We are thrilled to be the first high-volume conveyancer to integrate with OpenAI, which will not only streamline our operations, but will also allow us to continue to deliver top-quality service to our clients while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

“Investing in modern technology, such as ChatGPT, is a key part of our strategy. To remove administration tasks for our case managers, freeing up time to devote to our partners and their clients.

“This will allow us to set a new standard in the legal sector.”

With several use cases already scoped and under development, ONP Group is committed to continuing its journey to becoming the most automated and best service-providing conveyancing law firm. ONP Group currently completes more than 100,000 transactions annually, and this integration with OpenAI will help the firm further enhance its customer journeys.

The integration will help ONP Group to automate the remortgage process, reducing the time required for manual processes and allow its legal team to focus on the more complex aspects of the transaction, reducing the time taken to complete the conveyancing process.

ONP Group aims to streamline the handling of documents from multiple providers, each with their own distinct structure and layout. By implementing ChatGPT, the necessary information will be extracted automatically, resulting in a significant reduction in time and resources required to process each document individually.

The firm’s technology team plans to test the accuracy of ChatGPT’s extracted data against conventional automation methods. This process will identify and address any discrepancies that may arise, while confirming the reliability of the AI. Additionally, this testing will provide valuable insights for fine-tuning the integration to further enhance accuracy and efficiency.

When asked to comment on the integration ChatGPT said: “As an artificial intelligence language model, I don’t have emotions like humans do. However, I can tell you that integrating with a conveyancing company would be a significant opportunity for ChatGPT to expand its reach and provide value to clients in the property industry.

“By working with a conveyancing company, ChatGPT could help streamline communication, automate processes, and improve overall efficiency. This integration would also provide the opportunity to learn and improve upon its capabilities in the legal and real estate domains, ultimately enhancing its ability to deliver top-notch services to clients.”

Stockport-based ONP Group incorporates O’Neill Patient Solicitors, Grindeys, and Cavendish Legal Group, and has been at the forefront of using digital technology to make conveyancing faster and more efficient.

In 2021, ONP Group moved its head office into the second and third floors at the prestigious six-storey 2 Stockport Exchange office building, which is part of the £145m Stockport Exchange development. A further three office locations are spread across the UK, in London, Stoke-on-Trent and Leeds.