New digital debt resolution agency launched to provide new approach for those struggling in debt

A new debt resolution agency, The Digital DRA, has been launched to help consumers struggling with mounting debt levels brought about by the pandemic. According to recent reports, nearly one in four of the UK population now live-in poverty. As a result of Covid-19, almost 16m UK adults are more financially vulnerable than they were before the pandemic.

As a digital first agency The Digital DRA has reimagined the debt collection process by putting the customer first. Customers have 24/7 access to an online management portal, where they can fully self-serve at a time and place convenient to them. Should they need support, help is just a few clicks away. They have also dropped the word ‘collection’ but instead use ‘resolve’ to help shake the negative stigma associated with the industry.

Launched by a team of industry experts, The Digital DRA is committed to giving clients more control over their collection partners. Their Portal enables clients to track performance, view MI, upload/download update files, answer queries, build customer contact strategies, and allows clients to pull live data via their API.

The DRA customer approach:

  • Customer focussed: The Digital DRA put the customer first by focussing on positive customer outcomes with a strategy designed to encourage interaction not just asking people to pay.
  • Agents are not targeted on cash collected but instead positive customer outcomes – an industry first.
  • Not just debt recovery: The Digital DRA actively encourage people to seek support from themselves or independent debt management advisers.
  • Convenient: life gets in the way sometimes so The Digital DRA allows customers to speak to us when it is best for them & around their schedule.
  • Customer Portal has 24/7 access, 365 days
  • Digital only: the majority of people manage their bills online so why would debt be any different?

The DRA client approach:

  • Committed to giving its clients more control and oversight of their DCA (debt collection agency) partners.
  • Introduced client portal for their clients allowing them to view performance, manage their accounts, build customer contact strategies, and answer queries.
  • The Digital DRA has its own API meaning clients can pull live data.
  • The Digital DRA helps clients protect their brand and reputation due to their unique approach.

Managing Director, Arren Khan, said: “We’re building a brand that our clients can trust but more importantly we’re putting the customer first. Debt can be embarrassing sometimes, and often people do not want to talk about. Our solution doesn’t back customers into a corner, but instead gives them the tools they need to effectively manage and resolve their account. Our friendly approach is designed to encourage customer engagement and help shake the negative stigma from the debt collection industry.”