MotoNovo Teams up With Click Dealer to Save Dealers Time and Money ….and there’s more

“Based upon my regular dialogues with dealers since the end of lockdown, one thing has dominated the daily lives of many of them; finding enough time in the day to source stock. Our Supplier Direct Funding stock funding innovation is doing just that – and now we have added some additional dimensions.” Chris Rowthorn, Director of Motor Sales Operation at MotoNovo Finance.

Supplier Direct Funding demonstrably takes time, cost and friction out of used car stocking for dealers. Based upon just 15 cars stocked per month, a detailed analysis of the process shows that dealers can save four days a year, time they can spend buying more stock.

Adding to the attraction of SDF,  in December, MotoNovo is waiving all dealer administration fees for uploading stock onto their SDF plan. On a sustained basis, further time savings for dealers using Click Dealer’s DMS are available.

Now, through another smart integration between their platforms, dealers’ stock purchased through SDF appears on the dealer’s ClickDMS with all vehicle details and stocking information. Essentially, a dealer hits the button to buy a car through one of the ever-increasing remarketing channels through which SDF is available. The vehicle is immediately ‘on stock’, and now, dealers using the ClickDMS will benefit from the vehicle being automatically loaded onto the platform without any human intervention.

Gerry Moxham, the brilliantly named Chief Visionary Officer at Click Dealer, reflects;

“This is one of those elegantly simple upgrades that delivers a repeatable benefit that adds to the speed, convenience and time saving of the end-to-end SDF experience. It is also a great example of collaboration that benefits all parties.”

  • Dealer cashflow is accelerated;
  • Time saved – with stock details now added automatically to the dealer’s stock funding plan, the need to manually upload vehicle details and ‘pay & reclaim’ is removed
  • Convenience – automatic stock loading lightens the audit requirements and streamlines the process considerably.
  • Now, with the Click Dealer link, the dealer’s newly purchased stock appears on their DMS immediately