Mortgage services provider Stater sees opportunities in pan-European mortgage market

AMERSFOORT, The Netherlands – Stater CEO Erwin Dreuning and brand-new commissioner Frans van der Horst talk about the European opportunities they see for mortgage services provider Stater. The gentlemen will discuss several topics, including; the strategic investment of Infosys in Stater, the European mortgage market and the international ambitions of the organisation.

Stater manages over 40% of the Dutch mortgage market and besides the Netherlands it is also active in Belgium and Germany. Today, there are still numerous developments and challenges and many opportunities. Frans and Erwin will be happy to discuss these.

Strategic partner

Stater has had a new majority shareholder for a few years now. “When I discussed the future of Stater with the shareholder in 2018, we came to the conclusion that – due to external developments – another majority shareholder was good for the customers, for Stater and for ABN AMRO as a shareholder,” explains Dreuning. In exploring the market, Dreuning and his team explicitly sought a party that saw Stater as a strategic investment – not a buyer hoping to make a lot of money in the short term.

That strategic partner was found in Infosys. With some 320,000 employees, the globally active IT service provider can justifiably be called a giant in its market and Stater’s specialisation is a valuable addition to the multinational’s offering.

European mortgage market

Because of the increasing unity within the European market, the gentlemen at Stater see opportunities within Europe. “I believe we are moving towards a pan-European mortgage market,” says the CEO. He attributes this movement mainly to three converging developments in the field of changing consumer behaviour, an increase in European laws and regulations and technological progress.

According to Van der Horst, a single European mortgage market can also bring challenges. He is referring in particular to the increase in European legislation, which could clash with the special Dutch mortgage market in the decades ahead. For example, in other Member States it is “unthinkable” that part of the mortgage amount is redemption-free, while in the Netherlands it is quite normal. “The way in which the ECB regulator in particular looks at this could well be disruptive for the Dutch market,” Van der Horst explains.

International ambitions

Stater approaches its international ambitions step by step. “It is a slow process. We also say in Germany: we want to grow here like an oil slick. So that is really a model of evolution and not revolution,” explains Dreuning. Whatever the future holds. The CEO and the Commissioner are looking forward to contributing to shaping this evolution together in the coming years.