MIMHC launch latest wellbeing report to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter have launched their mental health and wellbeing report to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 2022.

The report explores individual’s current wellbeing and their experiences of working within the mortgage industry. Alongside tracking mental health provision and support available within the industry.

Their objective is to drive new signatories to MIMHC with the overall goal of improving and implementing best practice mental health provision in the finance sector.

In addition to this, they want to shine a light on shared mental health issues within the sector, including; isolation, stress, financial worries and fears about the future.

This year the statistics highlighted:

  • 46% said there was no mental health strategy at all, or that they didn’t know of any within their business.
  • More than half of brokers (52%) said that their workplace mental health provision had not improved or that they didn’t know of any existing.
  • Nearly a quarter of individuals (23%) say their mental health is ‘poor’ or ‘of concern’.
  • 55% of mortgage brokers work more than the recommended weekly guidance, with 13% of people said they still work 60 or more hours a week.
  • A quarter of brokers never get the recommended amount of sleep in any given week.
  • Overall, brokers are moderately happy with their professional contentment. However, those who are disillusioned and considering their options has risen to 14% (previously 10%).
  • A happy relationship, financial independence, getting enough sleep, and a healthy fitness and diet routine are consistent front-runners on factors contributing to mental health.