McCambridge Duffy adopt new ‘debt-tech’ solution

McCambridge Duffy are set to be one of the first Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) in the UK & Ireland to adopt a new ‘debt-tech’ solution, to create a more transparent and effective process for both consumers and creditors.

Experts in administering Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), McCambridge Duffy are continuously looking for ways to improve the process and ensure a positive outcome for customers.

The recently launched Trustfolio Debt Solutions Provider Portal is the first digital tool that enables IPs, Debt Management Companies, and other third parties to manage IVAs collaboratively, responsibly, and cost-effectively alongside creditors. It is part of a suite of solutions including a Creditor Debt Solutions Platform and a Debt Adviser Support Portal launched by ‘debt-tech’ collective Trustfolio, which was founded by some of the brightest and best leaders from across the consumer credit, debt advice, collections, insolvency, and fintech sectors.

The unique end-to-end software will simplify and speed up the debt solutions process with greater transparency, accuracy, and insight. Secure data flow, process automation, compliance-driven decisioning, and standardisation of paperwork replaces out-dated post and email communications to encourage earlier and more constructive creditor responses, engagement, and voting.

Southwark Council and Birmingham City Council will soon be the first two Local Authorities to use Trustfolio’s Creditor Platform, allowing McCambridge Duffy to engage directly with them. Together, creditors and IPs will be able to easily distinguish between cases that should be approved and those that need more careful consideration and constructive challenging so they can demonstrate that they’ve reached the right outcome for the customer in debt.

Ronan Duffy, Partner and Insolvency Practitioner at McCambridge Duffy, says: “McCambridge Duffy has a reputation for the quality of our expert debt advice and representation of clients among all major lending institutions and we utilise our expert technical knowledge and case experience to achieve the best outcome for all parties.

“The Trustfolio Debt Solutions Provider Portal will enable us to do this more efficiently and effectively and we are excited about the power and capability of the technology.”

Craig McDonnell, COO of Trustfolio, said: “When used appropriately and responsibly, IVAs are an invaluable debt solution, providing a regulated process for consumers in debt and their creditors to reach an effective resolution. At Trustfolio, we recognise that consumers adopting the IVA process are often particularly vulnerable and that both they and their creditors need to be able to participate in a clearly communicated, trusted, and efficient process which may last for more than five years.”