International Collections Handbook launched

Facing foreign payment practices and foreign legal frameworks is one of the main challenges of collecting debts abroad. Now multinationals can use the International Debt Collections Handbook to guide them through different debt collections approaches in 51 countries.

From amicable settlements – recovering ageing debts while maintaining business relationships – to legal proceedings – recovering bad debts by taking legal action following local law and legislation, the International Debt Collections Handbook provides helpful insights and extensive expertise.

Since its first edition, the annual publication International Debt Collections Handbook has gained trust from businesses and become the go-to source when they need information about collecting debts internationally. In the current economic circumstances, it is a valuable tool for any business wishing to improve their cash flow.

“Our lawyers and collectors have shared a great deal of their expertise and experience in the International Debt Collections Handbook. I’m sure you will find it a highly useful, in-depth resource for all your business decisions relating to debt collections,” says Rudi de Greve, Global Operations Officer at Atradius Collections.