Inclusion In Credit set to share knowledge and best practice

CCR and Arvato Financial Solutions are set to carry out in-depth research and discussion into the reality of inclusion in the credit, collections, and enforcement sector, and are looking for a diverse Oversight Board of industry professionals to oversee this work.

Society has taken significant steps in terms of its acceptance of people of all gender, sexuality, disability, colour, and creed, but, as has been highlighted by several social movements over the past couple of years, there is still some way to go. Likewise, in the credit, collections, and enforcement industry, there are a range of experiences as different individuals face different challenges.

However, there has been relatively little work done to understand the perspectives and needs of diverse communities in the industry, and, at this time of unparalleled social change, CCR intends to change this by carrying out a major piece of work, including: a Research Project, a Round-Table Debate, and a series of Articles from new voices.

Stephen Kiely, editor of CCRMagazine, said: “With pressure coming from the Financial Conduct Authority and the continued economic fall-out from Covid – especially from a new cohort of debtors who have never even been in arrears before – the industry needs to show that it is dealing in a responsible fashion for everyone, and it needs its customer to understand that this is the case so they are comfortable and confident in engaging.

“We hope this project will play a major part in this important effort, by sharing knowledge and best practice, so if you would be interested in guiding this work, please put your name forward.”

  • To put your name forward to be part of the Inclusion In Credit 2022 Oversight Board, please email