IE Hub has teamed up with Inbest to add benefits checks and social tariff functionality to the IE Hub platform

Currently, in the welfare sector, there are almost 8mn households that are missing £16bn in means-tested benefits. The most common reason for people missing benefits in the UK, is that they are unaware of what welfare benefits they are entitled to or assume they are not eligible. There is also a large proportion of people who are currently in the legacy benefits system who would be better off claiming Universal Credits.

By adding benefits checks to the IE Hub platform, the company will highlight to a customer if they are potentially eligible for unclaimed benefits. Helping to improve their customers financial well-being as well as affordability – increasing their ability to pay outstanding debts.

Dylan Jones, IE Hub CEO, said, “We’re excited to work with Inbest to provide a benefits calculator element to IE Hub. Our mission has always been to support vulnerable customers in their journey to financial stability. Adding benefits checks to our system is a critical step in identifying additional income at such a difficult time for consumers, so anything that enhances customers affordability is a win win for consumers and creditors.”