IdentityChecker launches biometric facial ID checks

IdentityChecker, the identification and anti-money laundering check service, has launched biometric facial ID checks.

The system removes the need for customers to either hand over original documents or get documents certified to prove their identities. Now customers can verify their identities online and the IdentityChecker service involves a simple three-step process for customers, that can be completed in minutes.

The system itself can be integrated with existing systems and processes as well as being white-labelled, where needed. The system itself is clear and simple to use by clients, and businesses receive detailed, automated reports of the findings.

The solution utilises modern technology to build a bespoke, secure link for every customer. Using this link provides a safe channel for customers to upload their photo ID and supporting documents, with their data protected to the highest standard of security. Combined with a live face scan, biometrics are used to verify the likeness and prove the authenticity of the documents provided. The results are sent to the mortgage adviser within minutes of completion, with a thorough report of the findings.

The service is audited annually by a top four auditing firm to ISAESOC2 security standards. This is an internationally recognised security standard used by large banks and leading technology firms. The report is available upon request under NDA to potential customers. The service has also been recently audited against the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules (US medical data regulation) and is also certified to ISO 27001.

Oliver Meddick, Director at IdentityChecker, commented: “People’s identities and their digital footprints have become hot topics over the last 18 months. Times are changing and people are finally realising that these are subjects they should understand and take seriously. I believe it is time for people to start taking control of their own identities, which is why I am immensely proud of what IdentityChecker offers.”