Hunt Statement – Energy Price Guarantee Scrapped – Reaction

“The rolling back of the energy price guarantee from two years to a mere six months is a huge blow to millions of Britons. People will simply be unable to heat their homes. Meanwhile, families face rising costs from every direction, largely exacerbated by government implosion and market instability. While Hunt’s appointment may provide Truss’ premiership temporary salvation, these new measures will be a reckoning for the public.

“Just as serious is the erosion of any trust people may have had in the Government. So many U-turns, a Prime Minister now overseeing a fiscal plan completely at odds with the one she campaigned on to get into Downing Street, and the lack of clarity over long-term plans make it impossible for households across the UK to manage their finances and plot a way through the cost-of-living crisis. The past month has been beyond damaging and could not have come at a worse time. Another Treasury review to come up with an energy price plan, but yet another delay when what people need is action.”

Mohsin Rashid, Co-founder of ZIPZERO