HighRadius Autonomous Software Awarded Patent for its AI-Powered Call Intent Generation Technology

HighRadius, the Artificial Intelligence-powered Order to Cash and Treasury Management software leader, has been awarded an exclusive patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for AI-powered Call Intent Generation technology [Application Number 16/412,161].

Key features of the Call Intent Generation Technology include:

  • Proactive suggestions for scheduling a customer contact
  • Intelligent insights during a call to direct call focus and achieve a personal connection with the customer contact
  • Automated assistance to complete a customer contact and transition to the next target customer contact.

“I would like to congratulate all the inventors on this patent award! We believe that Autonomous Receivables is the future of enterprise accounts receivable software,” said Sayid Shabeer, Chief Product Officer at HighRadius. “Over the past few years, our product and innovation labs have been tirelessly working to ensure that we maximize the productivity of teams, and elevate their role to a strategic function. The technology interfaces with the Freeda Digital Assistant and automatically prioritizes customer contact worklist, takes detailed call notes, records the call and finally creates collections tasks and sends the summary correspondence to the customers.”

“It enables our collectors and users to be much more efficient in their process,” said Homer Smith, Global Process Owner-Billing, Credit and Collections, at Uber. “For example, if making collection calls, they’re able to retrieve information about a customer’s account, view the notes, the most recent interaction with that customer, and then provide up to date real-time information, right there on the call.”

Yash Sinha, Global Process leader at Baker Hughes commented “We started using the HighRadius Autonomous Receivables software in 2020, and has significantly enhanced our capability to have a meaningful interaction with our customers. We believe in the vision of Humans + Machines! Congratulations to HighRadius for a feature-rich solution.”

Uber & Baker Hughes have used the HighRadius Autonomous Receivables software to make over 70,000 collection calls since 2020.

This invention has been granted to HIGHRADIUS CORPORATION and is credited to inventors Murali Dodda, Sonali Nanda, Abhinav Pachauri, Pratyush Sunandan.