Government must step up to secure important bailiff reforms

Responding to the Government’s announcement today of its support for a new independent bailiff regulator, the Enforcement Conduct Board, Adam Butler, Public Policy Manager at StepChange said: “It’s encouraging to see the Government renew its commitment to raising standards in the bailiff enforcement industry, especially at a time when millions are struggling with the cost of living and are vulnerable to problem debt.

“StepChange and its partners have seen too often the effects of poor bailiff conduct on our clients, and we believe the Enforcement Conduct Board (ECB), launched earlier this year, is an important step towards ensuring fair treatment and protection for people subject to bailiff enforcement.

“We welcome the Government’s pledge to support the ECB and review the case for strengthening its powers over the next two years. All sides including the bailiff industry agree that the Government must step up to give the ECB the necessary tools and powers to root out bad practice and improve industry oversight.

“Further progress is vital to improve protections for financially vulnerable households, and we look forward to working with Government, ECB and the industry over the coming weeks and months as we continue on the path to raising standards and reducing harm.”