Foundation Home Loans widens residential product range for borrowers with ‘credit blips’ to 80% LTV

Foundation Home Loans, the intermediary-only specialist lender, has today added five products to its residential range to provide further options for first-time buyers and home movers with more recent credit blips.

This includes an 80% LTV version of the lender’s highly popular two-year and five-year fixed rate residential products. There is also a new two-year variable discount which offers borrowers the freedom to remortgage at any time with no ERCs. Plus, two new first-time buyer products with lower product fees to help reduce upfront costs.

New additions to the F2 product range:

  • 3.99% two-year variable discount at 80% LTV with a £995 fee and no ERCs
  • 4.19% two-year fixed rate at 80% LTV until 31/10/2022 with a £995 fee
  • 4.59% five-year fixed rate at 80% LTV until 31/10/2025 with a £995 fee
  • 4.29% two-year fixed rate for first-time buyers at 80% LTV to 31/10/2022 with a £595 fee
  • 4.69% five-year fixed rate for first-time buyers at 80% LTV to 31/10/2025 with a £595 fee

Jeff Knight, Director of Marketing at Foundation Home Loans, commented: “Current market conditions dictate that lenders have to be agile and adapt to the ever-changing needs of borrowers and our intermediary partners. Therefore, we have introduced a number of 80% LTV options to meet growing demand from a range of borrowers who have suffered recent credit blips, such as late payments on credit cards, mail order goods, telecommunications, utilities or unsecured loan arrears.

“Minor credit blips will continue to push some borrowers beyond the realms of mainstream lending but that doesn’t mean they are not credit-worthy, and that their property related needs should be ignored. We also believe that demand for specialist FTB products is increasing and with borrowers still struggling to raise deposits, these products need to be designed to help reduce upfront costs where possible. Additional options are vital for this growing band of borrowers and we have the overall product offering, criteria and service to ensure they can access the mortgages they deserve.”