Fintechs unite with launch of ‘Lenvi’

A trio of fintechs with years of industry-leading experience are joining forces to form a powerhouse set to take on consumer and commercial lending markets.

Lenvi brings together EQ Credit Services, EQ RiskFactor and EQ KYC Solutions into a single entity under a new leadership team, with big ambitions to deliver more powerful, relevant and responsible lending solutions for customers.

The new leadership team will be spearheaded by Richard Carter, founder of Nostrum Group which was acquired in 2017, and Tom Martin, of Everyday Loans, who has joined as CTO. They will lead a 320-strong workforce and a portfolio of clients that are major industry players including Santander, Barclays, Metro Bank and Admiral.

Lenvi will combine global expertise, market insight and end-to-end service capability by bringing together loan servicing and collection software, risk management software for receivables finance, mortgage and loan servicing contact centre support, standby servicing and Know Your Customer servicing.

To mark the launch of Lenvi, the fintech powerhouse introduces newly formulated Loan Management Software – the only one of its kind on the market – which uses an augmentation layer and configurable technology so clients can make rapid changes in-platform, Kubernetes for scaling faster and containerisation for faster deployment.

Richard Carter, CEO of Lenvi, says “Lenvi is built upon industry-leading, global expertise and insight gained from years of discovery, but with the autonomy and nimbleness to deliver start-up ingenuity.

“The launch of our new Loan Management Software, which will put platform power directly into the hands of our clients, is just the start of what’s possible when you have a team whose sole focus is on how to make the borrowing process easier and fairer for all.

“We have big ambitions to help our customers revolutionise lending. Our journey, as Lenvi, may only be beginning – but what a foundation to start from!”