Financial Wellness Group launches B2B division to focus on the needs of creditors and other partners

Financial Wellness Group has launched Benesse, which will focus on delivering its services via partner organisations, including creditors, housing associations, employers and other businesses.

Deborah Ware, chief operating officer of Financial Wellness Group said: “The launch of Benesse sees us broaden our approach to start working with a wide range of partners.

“Benesse will use data to give partners additional insights into their customers and to support the development of proactive intervention strategies. It will also provide comprehensive management information and analytics to enable partners to measure and track outcomes.”

Benesse Advice Limited will work with partners to support their customers and employees in two ways:

  • Supporting those with serious problem debt – including access to free holistic debt advice via phone and digital channels and, where suitable, offering the full suite of debt solutions including free-to-customer Debt Management Plans.
  • Promoting and supporting financial wellbeing –– with budgeting support, financial guidance and education, alongside benefit assessments, help with saving money and starting to save, and utility switching, to help boost people’s ability and confidence to manage their money and create healthy financial lifestyles.
  • For employee partners that are making redundancies it will also be offering a redundancy support package to guide their employees on managing their finances as they go through the process.

Customers will enjoy access to the award-winning customer service and support provided to all Financial Wellness Group customers including, for those that start a debt solution, the Financial Wellness Group app. The app gives free access to discounts on shopping (including groceries); video or phone consultations with a General Practitioner; access to specialist phone or online counselling services, for those that need support with their mental health and specialist help with legal, employment, housing and consumer issues.