Enforcement Industry Association Announces 25th Anniversary Conference

LACEF the association for local authority staff employed in managing debt and recovering debt for councils, has announced the details for its upcoming conference, which will celebrate the association’s 25th year. LACEF members collect council tax, business rates, sundry debts and parking fines.”

The conference will be held at Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol on 22 September 2022 and will see professionals from all around the UK gather to consider and discuss the key issues facing them today.

Tracey Stone, director of welfare & partnership at Reventus Limited said: “LACEF has been a huge success over its 25 years, so it seems very appropriate that we will be holding this major conference to recognise this landmark in its development.

“These are important times for local authorities, where they will be relying on their collections and enforcement professionals to collect the funds that pay for crucial basic services that are needed by so many. This collections work much be carried out in a professional and fair way, with everyone’s interests at heart, so these events are essential in sharing best practice and tackling challenges.”

LACEF members can register at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lacef-25th-anniversary-conference-2022-tickets-274063460187