Creditinfo hires Jakub Žalio as Director of Global Technology and Solutions

Creditinfo Group, a global service provider for credit information and risk management solutions, today announces the appointment of Jakub Žalio as its new Director of Global Technology and Solutions.

Žalio joins from Übank, the leading digital bank in Vietnam, whereas Chief Operating Officer he helped to onboard new customers quickly and securely through a fully digitised e-KYC onboarding process. He has also previously worked at APS Vietnam where he formalised and executed critical business strategy.

Creditinfo aims to facilitate better decision making in financial services and enable greater access to finance for underserved SMEs, companies and individuals without credit ratings, which makes technology and data crucial to helping the company accelerate financial inclusion. Based in Prague, Žalio will work alongside Creditinfo’s executive team to define and execute the software development and operations of the company’s credit information and risk management solutions, as well as its scoring models and data analysis.

Jakub Žalio, Director of Global Technology and Solutions at Creditinfo said: “Creditinfo’s reputation as an exceptional global credit risk management partner is indisputable, having established 33 credit bureaus and facilitated access to finance for thousands of people – many of whom live in emerging markets and were struggling to access the banking services they needed. What is particularly exciting is the parallel innovation challenges in both emerging markets and mature European markets where we are delivering Open Banking services and mobile money decision solutions. I’m delighted to work with the incredibly talented global team and help fuel the company’s growth.”

Paul Randall, Chief Executive Officer at Creditinfo said: “As we continue to expand and develop our products and services, it’s crucial our technology and data analytics remains at the cutting edge. Without the right technology in place, we risk not being able to deliver on our mission of facilitating best practice decision-making in credit risk management. Jakub’s wealth of experience and knowledge is a huge advantage, not only in driving our own growth and innovation, but ensuring we are increasing access to finance and strengthening economies.”