Commenting on the Chancellor’s extension to furlough scheme

Commenting on the Chancellor’s decision to extend the furlough scheme, Jo Keddie, Partner and Head of Employment at Winckworth Sherwood, said: “The decisions to extend the furlough scheme through to the end of October and, at least for the moment, to continue support at the existing level, are welcome in order to help both employers and employees as we move through this next stage of allowing different businesses to return to work.

“Many will also be glad of flexibility for part-time working as the Job Retention Scheme enters its next phase, beginning in August, although employers may still face some difficult practical choices as to how to put that into practice and how best to balance furlough arrangements with part-time working for employees where possible. The wider guidance issued this month surrounding health and safety requirements for businesses in different sectors will still be of crucial importance to enable a safe and protected environment for those being required to return to the workplace.

“Overall, the Chancellor’s comments stressed the balance of responsibility between the Government and employers. We now await the detailed guidance of the Chancellor’s plans, but this will surely be one of the key themes as the Scheme evolves in the coming weeks as the Government seeks to increase economic activity across the UK.”