Alpha Asset Finance and fintech leaders Nivo join forces to fight fraud with a fully branded mobile app

Alpha Asset Finance is partnering with fintech innovators Nivo to supercharge their application process and combat rising fraud in the specialist finance sector.

Alpha have launched a fully branded mobile app powered by Nivo developed technology which enables customers to complete biometric ID verification via their mobile device in just a few minutes. The system is integrated with Alpha’s award-winning ACE portal making the application journey even faster, safer and smoother for customers, brokers, suppliers and lenders.

Alpha are the first Asset Finance brokers to fully onboard Nivo into their core systems, demonstrating their desire to offer the very latest in technology in an increasingly digitised world where customers now expect intuitive, mobile-first solutions that help them save time and fit in to busy lifestyles. By working closely with the team at Nivo, Alpha was able to set their new app live within a month of the project’s inception, launching a fully branded, 5-star rated, bank standard, mobile app many times faster and more cost effectively than a traditional app development approach.

Alpha Asset Finance is one of the most innovative asset finance brokerages, working directly with customers and providing services to 15 (and growing!) Appointed Representatives (ARs) including their market leading ACE application and case management system.  As specialists in hard asset finance, they offer a wide range of products from over 40 lenders and are committed to continuous innovation improving speed, efficiency and security across the industry.

Nivo is a FinTech company focused on transforming UK lending markets, shaping the way customers, lenders, and intermediaries interact. Its app-based solutions offer features including biometric ID verification, secure, instant messaging technology which replaces paper, post, email, and other time-wasting and unsecure channels, allowing providers to design a better, safer service for customers and third parties. Nivo’s secure messaging technology can be white-labelled or integrated into an existing mobile app, meaning all financial providers can gain a 5* rated, bank-standard secure mobile app, under its own brand.

Brad O’Hara, Managing Director of Alpha Asset Finance said: “We approached Nivo to form a partnership using Nivo’s tech and Alpha’s ACE platform to help in the fight against fraud within the Asset Finance industry and create a quick and efficient customer experience. We are proud to be the UK’s first Asset Finance Broker to integrate core systems with Nivo as a standard working practice in the fight against fraud and this is just the beginning. We will be exploring other ways Nivo’s innovative technology can supercharge the way we do business with features such as secure instant messaging and secure document and data transfer with the Alpha branded app at the centre. Customers increasingly expect slick and intuitive mobile experiences and will deal with companies which make their experiences easier, faster and more secure. Alpha is leading the way yet again!”

Matthew Elliott, CDO and Co-Founder of Nivo, said: “Alpha have been brilliant to work with, placing a real focus on making customers’ lives easier and keeping them safe in the face of rising cybercrime. We were live within a month, with a branded mobile app and systems integration – that is incredibly fast – and we’re already working together on our exciting next developments and are particularly excited about the opportunity to share ID results with lenders to streamline that side of the process too. Watch this space for more announcements!

“Nivo has been adopted by many specialist leaders in the mortgage and commercial sectors including Ultimate Finance, United Trust Bank and Together Money, all of which recognised and embraced the way Nivo can transform their customers’ experiences, increase efficiency and improve security.  We are excited about the opportunities presented by the Asset Finance sector and the growing number of businesses we’re talking to who want to provide the kind of experience their customers now expect and the levels of security the market now demands.”