Access FS announces first 2023 academy start date

Mortgage and protection broker, Access Financial Services, has unveiled its first academy of 2023. Last year, Access FS graduated 100 advisers over the year-long courses set-up as part of the firm’s ongoing pledge to bring new people to the industry.

The online academy, which will start on January 23rd, will be attended by up to 15 people and is the first of around ten that will run this year. The year-long program is tailored to the experience of attendees and provides an opportunity for attendees to become self-employed brokers and experts in their field. It will train them to be expert advisers, providing in-depth education and training on how to become a mortgage adviser, mortgage and protection adviser, a pure protection adviser, or an experienced adviser who just needs an induction.

Through comprehensive role play, attendees will learn about different client needs and how to find the right products for each client. They will also receive product knowledge and compliance training, as well as sales training. More experienced brokers will benefit from advanced sales techniques, mentoring, and improved upsell skills. Once they have graduated, they will receive oversight, mentoring, and additional support.

The academy is designed to train brokers to become quality self-employed advisers and high-income earners, equipping them with the skills to generate their own business and grow a successful brokerage. Access FS also welcomes experienced brokers who want to become self-employed and registered individuals under Access FS as the principle. These brokers will receive training and compliance help while running their own businesses.

Karl Wilkinson, CEO of Access FS, commented on the latest academy, saying, “Despite the negative downturn in the economy, it is a positive sign to see so many people keen to learn, develop, and grow their skills sets. The mortgage market will always remain strong and there will always be a demand for the pro-active, customer focused mortgage and protection adviser.

“With more planned academies this year than ever before, we look forward to building upon the considerable growth Access FS witnessed in 2022.

“We strive to create a collaborative working environment where brokers are not only supported through the training and guidance, we provide them with, but they also provide help and co-operation to each other. We think this makes us quite unique in the industry, which much of the feedback from our brokers is a testament to.”