99% of new-build homes sold with an electronic signature

Unlatch, the new homes sales progression and aftercare platform for developers and housebuilders, is dragging the new-build selling process kicking and screaming into the 21st century, primarily by addressing the archaic issue of paperwork, with 99% of homes sold via the platform doing so with electronic signatures.

Since 2018, Unlatch has shot to the top spot as the leader in digitised new-build sales, with £22bn worth of new homes sold via the platform in the process.

Unlatch helps their property developer clients achieve a streamlined and centralised sales process and customer experience. The platform provides a collaborative transparent dashboard for all stakeholders involved.

Unlatch offers features such as bespoke document generation (reservation form, legal pack, and CML form, etc.), electronic signature, instant AML verification, online reservation fee payments, live sales progression, white labelled Purchaser Portal and branded mobile app, data reporting analysis, and more.

Until now, not one single Proptech offering has managed to provide a solution to the numerous issues that lie between reservation and aftercare, but Unlatch has worked hard on connecting the dots to streamline the transaction process considerably.

There’s one aspect of Unlatch’s offering that has dramatically changed the way new homes are sold – digitising documents.

While the property sector has been awash with Proptech solutions for years, no one has truly addressed the issue of paperwork requirements, with the archaic need to send paper based forms by post or scanning signed documents causing unnecessary delays to the transaction timeline.

Whether it’s forms left on the desk of a lethargic solicitor, or homebuyers themselves delaying the sending said forms, waiting for their return is a daily delay that many developers face.

Unlatch has turned the sector on its head in this respect, allowing a fully digitised approach to new-build sales and this starts from the off, with the automation of reservation documents prior to each sales launch allowing them to be generated instantly.

The buyer can then be sent all paperwork by electronic delivery, giving them the ability to sign the reservation form, as well as any other required paperwork, from whichever device they choose.

Unlatch automatically generates any tasks and email notifications to ensure the progression of the sale is solved in a matter of minutes, not days. Everything is kept in one easy to access dashboard, preventing anything from going missing and causing further delays.

Unlatch hasn’t just delivered a Proptech solution to the new-build market, they’ve delivered an all encompassing platform that has significantly changed the way the nation’s housebuilders operate, with 99% of all homes on Unlatch now selling by electronic signature.

What’s more, Unlatch is helping housebuilders when facilitating overseas sales, because not only does the platform allow for greater speed and ease, but it’s also built to carry out the entire process remotely.

Lee Martin, Head of UK for Unlatch says: “The property sector as a whole has embraced the Proptech resolution and the advancement of technology has improved many areas of the home selling and buying process. However, numerous solutions to many individual problems can only do so much and so our goal has always been connecting the dots across the entire new-build selling process.

“One of the keys to achieving this has been the digitisation of the process and in doing so, we’ve managed to considerably reduce the time it takes to purchase a new home by eradicating the archaic issues and laborious tasks caused by paperwork requirements.

“Of course, this is just one way in which we’re turning the new-build sector on its head. The key to providing a platform that continually works for all of our clients is to evolve with their needs and implement new features. This is achieved through our product and development teams, thanks to feedback from our clients directly through workshops and regular communication with their appointed Account Manager.

“It can be daunting to take the first step to digitising your sales process, which is why I would always suggest arranging a short demo to see for yourself how simple the transition can be.”