96% of brokers expect to write more limited company business in 2022

A webinar poll conducted by CHL Mortgages, the intermediary-only specialist buy-to-let lender, suggested that an overwhelming 96% of brokers expect to write more limited company business in 2022. Only 4% thought that they would write less.

These responses emerged during a Lender Spotlight session – held in conjunction with Knowledge Bank – based on the specialist BTL lending marketplace which had over 100 brokers in virtual attendance.

Further polls were taken during the webinar around limited company activity and the challenges being faced.

When asked how much limited company buy-to-let business brokers are currently writing, 69% said they are writing one to five cases a month, a quarter (25%) responded that they are writing no limited company business and 6% revealed that they are writing in excess of five cases a month.

Focusing on the challenges facing brokers when placing limited company business, 59% cited a lack of knowledge around limited companies, 46% said structure and shareholding, 28% highlighted conveyancers and 20% pointed to independent legal advice (for shareholders) as being a challenge.

CHL’s product range is available to first-time landlords, portfolio landlords and limited companies covering a variety of BTL investment vehicles including HMOs, MUFBs. This can include straightforward SPVs through to complex structures including holding companies and subsidiaries.

After relaunching its proposition with a select panel of distributors in May 2021, CHL has since implemented a phased approach to enlarging its distribution channels to include many of the industry’s leading networks, mortgage clubs and intermediary brands.

Ross Turrell, Commercial Director, CHL Mortgages commented: “Awareness around the benefits attached to limited company lending has risen greatly in recent times and it’s important for brokers to realise that lenders are always on hand to help them and their clients overcome a host of challenges and provide solutions to meet this growing demand. In addition, it could be beneficial for intermediaries to connect with accountants/tax advisers and solicitors as they can offer real expertise on things such as limited company set ups, tax positions and property structures, particularly regarding leasehold issues.

“From a CHL perspective, we are certainly seeing heightened interest from intermediaries and landlords when it comes to utilising limited company options and borrowing facilities. This is reflected in the overwhelming majority of brokers who expect to write more limited company business over the next 12 months and this is certainly an area which will remain of primary importance for us as a business moving forward.”