Yapi Kredi Will Use FICO Platform for Asset Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Analytics software firm FICO today announced that Yapi Kredi, one of the largest private banks in Turkey, will use FICO® Decision Central™ to manage analytics models and decision logic across the enterprise. This is part of Yapi Kredi’s System of Intelligence vision and roadmap to seamlessly conduct and orchestrate smarter analytics and data pipelines and enhance AI / machine learning lifecycle management. FICO Decision Central enables businesses to capture models and other decision assets so that they can be reused, modified and improved over time.

“We position FICO Decision Central as the management layer of our System of Intelligence initiative, which aims to improve the accuracy of each and every decision we take across the bank,” said Hakan Yilmaz, Yapi Kredi’s Chief Data Officer. “With Decision Central, we will not only have full control and visibility over our complete set of analytical assets, but we can also make full and efficient use of our assets through a best-of-breed governance practice over the entire model development lifecycle.”

“Businesses increasingly invest in analytics to make better decisions, but managing those analytics, and the decisions, is critical to making this investment pay off,” said Emre Unlusoy, who manages FICO’s operations in Turkey. “Yapi Kredi understands the value of monitoring and managing every component that goes into making a decision. This investment will contribute not only to the quality of the bank’s decisions, but also to its ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance of every decision and every model.”