WhenFresh and Connected Data partner to enhance debt resolution processes

UK households are facing a ‘cost of living’ crisis and organisations across all sectors are preparing for record levels of debt. These organisations are striving to better understand where and when debt will occur, and to ensure they treat customers fairly whilst looking to resolve their arrears.

WhenFresh, an award-winning supplier of property data and related solutions to the UK’s leading home insurers, mortgage lenders, public sector and other big data users, has partnered with data driven technology company, Connected Data, to provide a valuable dimension to the way debt is understood and managed by organisations in the UK.

WhenFresh has created what it refers to as the UK’s ‘residential property data bureau’ by  combining over 200 proprietary, private and public UK datasets (e.g. residential property attributes, risk, peril, topological, geospatial, environmental, climate, market and remote valuations data) with advanced analytics, all in one place.

With the aim of achieving positive engagement and fairer outcomes for indebted customers, this exciting partnership will enable organisations to better understand an individual’s circumstances and potential level of affordability through property related data. WhenFresh’s address level insight will enhance the in-depth intelligence Connected Data already provides on individuals, powered by its relationship with several leading data providers.

Paul Rout, Senior Vice President at WhenFresh, said: “The UK’s leading home insurers, mortgage lenders and disruptors to the market see the significant value of the insight we provide in their lending decisions and insurance quotes. We also recognise the potential of these residential property data assets in the management of debt, and their specific role in timely and appropriate engagement. Combining property data with traditional debt management data assets creates powerful insights into debtors’ circumstances, a process which Connected Data are very well placed to do.

“Connected Data is already disrupting the way UK organisations manage debt with a clear focus on ensuring positive outcomes for all parties. They were the natural choice for us as a partner and we are excited about the positive impact our partnership will have.”

Kirk Fletcher, Founder and CEO of Connected Data, said: “Our goal is to enable organisations to engage with their customers in an informed way with as much relevant insight on their circumstances as possible It will always enable a better conversation and a fairer debt journey for the customer, as well as optimise an organisation’s processes.

“WhenFresh’s data provides a new and vital element to an organisation’s understanding of its customers’ circumstances. And they have a clear mission to ensure the person at the end is treated fairly. We are delighted to be partnering with them.”

As the latest data partner to work with Connected Data, the partnership with WhenFresh continues to highlight how the company is bringing innovation to the way organisations manage their debt portfolios. By integrating different datasets from multiple leading data providers, not only is Connected Data enabling organisations to achieve the most in-depth insight possible, but it is removing ‘data noise’ – a significant barrier for organisations seeking to better understand and connect with their customers.