West One Buy to Let launches first mortgage club with Dynamo for Intermediaries

West One’s Buy to Let division launches its first mortgage club today, with Dynamo for Intermediaries.

The move is a key step in the specialist lender’s growth strategy for 2021, as it opens its proposition to networks and mortgage clubs, supplementing its master broker channel and making its offering more accessible to mortgage brokers.

The launch with Dynamo for Intermediaries follows a company-wide brand refresh earlier this month, including a website redesign to provide complete transparency for intermediaries and their clients about West One’s services, product eligibility and rates available.

The partnership with Dynamo for Intermediaries will provide greater choice in the market as more intermediaries will now have direct access to West One’s Buy to Let product range, at a time when the lender has identified significant Specialist growth opportunities for the sector.

Andrew Ferguson, managing director of Buy to Let at West One, said: “This is a really important step for the Buy to Let division at West One, where we have high aspirations for growth in 2021.

“Extending our distribution through mortgage clubs and networks will support that strategy, and Dynamo for Intermediaries is a perfect partner to start that extension with.

“Dynamo for Intermediaries already works with us on a packager basis and so extending our partnership to include a club route allows us to work even more closely, and ensures brokers have choice on the most appropriate submission route for their needs.

“Next year we want to ensure our Specialist BTL proposition becomes a go-to option for an increasing number of brokers. It will appeal to brokers who need a flexible and pragmatic approach from a lender with and a deep understanding of the property market.

“We look forward to working with Ying Tan, his team and Dynamo’s members going forward into a successful 2021.”

Dynamo for Intermediaries, which was founded in 2012 by Ying Tan, has a base of more than 3,000 intermediary members across the UK.

Ying Tan said: “West One has a strong BTL proposition and demand for its offering has been increasing, so the addition of the club route is extremely welcome.

“We’re delighted that Dynamo for Intermediaries is the first partner to be able to offer both the packaged and direct submission option.

“We look forward to working with Andrew and his team in developing this channel and bringing West One’s proposition to life with our mortgage club members.”