UK consumer debt judgments rise for fifth year

The number of consumer debt judgments issued in the UK during the first quarter of the year rose for the fifth year in a row, according to figures released today by TrustOnline.

Over the same period the number of online searches by people checking judgment status grew by seven percent to just under 75,000 searches.

TrustOnline is the only online source for UK judgment information about other people and businesses.

During Q1 2018, 315,121 consumer judgments were registered in the UK, almost double the 162,000 judgments issued during Q1 2010. Rising two percent on the first quarter of 2017, the total number of adverse CCJs has risen year-on-year for the past five years.

The average UK consumer judgment remained close to Q1 2017’s average, decreasing by one percent; the total value of judgments also remained mostly stagnant, increasing by just two percent.

These statistics cover county court judgments registered in England & Wales; simple procedure, ordinary cause and small claims decrees registered in Scotland; and default and small claims decrees from Northern Ireland.

Malcolm Hurlston CBE, who chairs Registry Trust, forecast increasing public use of TrustOnline. “More people are realising the value of a quick and inexpensive online check before any transaction” he said. “Later this quarter TrustOnline will become more mobile friendly which will no doubt lead to a further rise in its popularity.”

During Q1 2018 TrustOnline handled 74,649 online searches from the public for judgments in the UK; many more are expected in 2018 with more judgments to search and a mobile friendly version ready for launch. A search of all UK registers costs £10; a search within one of the following three jurisdictions: England & Wales; Scotland; or, Northern Ireland, which is likely to be enough for many people, costs £6.


Judgments against consumers Q1 2018 (compared with Q1 2017)
o Total number: 315,121 (up two percent)
o Total value: £476.1m (up two percent)
o Average value: £1,511 (down one percent)