trufe. Strike Partnership with Leeds United to Help Fans Save

Independent mortgage and commercial funding broker, trufe., has announced a multi-year agreement to become an official Leeds United Business Club partner in a move that aims to help fans save on their mortgages.

trufe. has partnered with the Premier League newcomers as part of Eleven Sports Media’s Leeds United Business Club platform, offering tens of thousands of United supporting homeowners and house hunters clear and impartial mortgage advice.

Leeds United has earned plaudits for the way the team has shaken things up in the Premier League this season and, reflecting that spirit off the pitch, LUFC Business Club partner, trufe., is making a name for itself by shaking up the traditional mortgage sector.

Phill Green, founder of trufe., comments on how the company is built on values of truth, trust and honesty, aiming to disrupt the market by providing a truly personalised service,

“Whilst, arguably, there has never been a better time to get onto the property ladder, thanks to the stamp duty holiday and record-low interest rates, many first-time buyers still find it extremely challenging. We want to help more people – whether first time buyers, or homeowners in search of a better deal, to have access to the right information that will save them time and money.”

Phill Green continues, “The government’s stamp duty holiday is set to come to an end on 31st March 2021, which means house hunters need to act quickly to ensure they are able to make the most of the huge savings. As an independent mortgage broker, we’re able to guide customers through the process and help them overcome common challenges.

“The traditional one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work for the vast majority and now, perhaps more than ever, people are finding themselves in very a different situation to the one they were in previously. We take time to understand each customer’s unique financial circumstances and help them make the right decisions.”

As well as offering expert, honest, advice for buyers, trufe. has recently launched a new free #mortgageswitch service designed to make it easy for homeowners to review their current mortgage and have the option to switch to a better deal if savings can be made.

Eleven Sports Media’s Commercial Manager, Jordan Wilson, added “trufe. is a really innovative, fresh thinking, company and it’s fantastic to be working with them to help spread their message across the Leeds United Business Club platform. We’ve built a really dynamic digital platform that helps businesses reach tens of thousands of fans every week and we’re delighted to be working with trufe. to help fans make sound financial decisions”.