CCRInteractive: The Big Debate

11 October 2018

The Grange St Paul’s – Central London

A decade ago, CCRInteractive provoked an evolution from staid conferences in large halls, to bring you targeted streams. From there, over the past three years, we have run more than 30 debates – talking, discussing, and driving the industry forward. Now, in 2018, the Revolution brings the debates into the annual conference, with the launch of CCRInteractive: the Big Debate, to bring the business community together

Now, in 2018, the Revolution brings this into the annual conference, with the launch of CCRInteractive: the Big Debate, to bring the business community together.

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The Revolution brings you:

  • A new date – 11 October.
  • A new venue – the Grange St Pauls, central London.
  • A new way of thinking.
  • A new way of working.
  • A true Revolution!

The day will bring you the opportunity to take part in a series of debates running throughout, to share your insight and analysis.

Each debate will be led by a keynote speaker and expert moderator, and you will be able to raise all the points and questions you want, to ensure that you can make the most of your day.
CCRInteractive: the Big Debate will be preceded, the night before, by the invitation-only CCRInteractive: the Conversation.

The day will feature:

  • Your chance to pick and choose the debates you want to attend.
  • A small exhibition of key sponsors – free for all credit professionals to attend.
  • Three sets of eight debates – early morning, late morning, and afternoon.
  • A sponsor for each debate.
  • Themes to be generated through the Credit Leaders .Network.
  • One keynote speaker and moderator in each group, to kick off the debate.
  • 14-20 senior professionals in each debate.
  • A tiered fee structure for delegates, to ensure attendance is affordable.

Online and on the day

Critically, CCR is enhancing its Round-Table experience to provide ongoing networking. The industry’s outstanding debate and networking opportunities will now be made live for a full year, thanks to the Credit Leaders .Network, in association with Lantern.

The new business-media network for the industry will see all the debates automatically added to the .Network, so that the discussion can continue for a full year. As a .Network member, you will be able to make connections, post to your timeline, and send messages.

The future of the industry has truly arrived!

A platform for value

CCRInteractive is going to be doing things differently. A modern, clean, and engaging event, and the ability to grow your industry network, and make the right contacts quickly through the Credit Leaders .Network.