Sopra Banking Software Announces a New Corporate Branding and Positioning

Sopra Banking Software announces a new corporate branding with a new logo, as well as the new product positioning. For over ten years, the financial institutions market has undergone profound changes, and the organisation has adapted to meet its challenges continuously.

A new chapter for Sopra Banking Software

Since 1968, Sopra has been a strategic technology partner for leading financial institutions. In 2012, Sopra Group established Sopra Banking Software, combining numerous businesses, as a wholly-owned subsidiary with the ambition of creating a global leader in the banking software market. Since its initial launch, the business has gone from being a local software provider to a global Fintech leader, adding other companies and capabilities to its growing portfolio. In 2019, IDC ranked Sopra Banking Software among the top 50 global Fintech companies.

On September 10th, Sopra Banking Software announces a new corporate branding with a new logo and importantly a new product positioning, as Eric Pasquier, CEO of Sopra Banking Software notes; “Today, Sopra Banking Software enters a new chapter by introducing a new corporate identity, differentiated from Sopra Steria’s, and confirming its strategy and new product positioning with two platforms for two markets.”

A new corporate branding, a new logo

From September 10th, Sopra Banking Software, which works together around a common mission, shared values and an ambitious strategy will work with a new logo designed symbolising the organisation’s values and purpose. Embedded into the new design are graphical representations of; the business’ commitment to one of its most important values, diversity; the business’ platforms component-based architecture, which is a unique differentiator in the marketplace and the ongoing industry transition from legacy to digital, from on-premise to cloud technologies.

A new positioning with 2 Platforms for 2 markets

Sopra Banking Software now offers two platforms for two markets:

  1. Sopra Banking Platform for retail and corporate banks – a leading component-based, cloud-agnostic, digital banking platform, which encompasses the business’ Digital Banking Engagement Platform (DBEP) and the portfolio of all strategic core banking systems – Core Amplitude, Core Platform, Core MSS, and Core SAB AT
  2. Sopra Financing Platform for specialised finance institutions, integrating two market-leading solutions, Apak WFS and Cassiopae

The global Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the needs of billions of people to have easier access to better financial services, anywhere, anytime. Banks and financial institutions are being pushed to transform faster than ever.

Sopra Banking Software’s new positioning is designed to deliver agile and effective support to financial institutions both in their day-to-day practices and crucially in their plans for a rapidly evolving the future as they seek to help make finance accessible to as many people as possible.