Sionic launches FundFinance: a “revolutionary evolution” of AI-assisted portfolio and risk management tools for fund finance lenders

Global consulting firm Sionic has announced the launch of FundFinance: a unique new suite of AI and machine-learning tools created specifically for fund finance lenders. Sionic’s FundFinance toolset has been developed by Sionic Managing Partner, banking data and technology expert Ken Bigelow working with Vahe Andonians, CEO of AI technology specialists, Cognaize.

FundFinance has been engineered to support the most sophisticated deal structures in the fund finance market, and to manage the data and reporting needs of the business in a way not possible with spreadsheets It leverages cloud concepts and machine learning, big data concepts, and cloud delivery to deliver what its creators believe is “unparalleled data quality, availability, integration, analytics, and control: a single true source of reliable data for Fund Finance Lenders”.

Sionic FundFinance’s key features include:

  • AI-based ingestion of deal and borrowing base information from official deal documentation;
  • the ability to slice and dice exposures across deals, investors; download data to Excel for ad hoc reporting, define standard reports that are produced automatically;
  • integrated investor credit hierarchy; internal rating using the lender’s rating model;
  • investor name matching to ensure a consistent investor across all deals;
  • a single “true source” of deal and investor data for the lender’s global portfolio;
  • support for sophisticated deal structures – subscription – advance rates, investor classification concentration caps, hurdle rates, umbrella deals, NAV – asset-specific performance parameters;
  • investor behaviour tracking across deals.

Ken Bigelow comments: “Technology advances provide new opportunities to automate processes across financial services. FundFinance harnesses these advances, combining the power of machine learning to ingest and interpret data objectively with a distributed, cloud-based platform. That powerful combination provides the speed, accuracy, flexibility, and scalability banks need, all seamlessly integrated with their existing infrastructure, so that practitioners can concentrate on what they’re best at: discerning what the data really mean, then acting on that information.”

Vahe Andonians adds: “As experts in deep learning, it was clear to us that the funds finance industry provided a perfect chance to apply our mission of developing machines that transform data into knowledge. We are excited to work with Sionic, and by what we created together: FundFinance gives the industry a platform to apply deep learning to evolve risk management and business performance.