Shield FC Meeting the Demand of Financial Institutions in Germany

Shield FC Financial Compliance (Shield FC), today revealed that it is experiencing unprecedented demand from financial institutions in Germany, with large financial institutions and smaller regional banks turning to the Shield 2.0 Financial Compliance Data Management Platform. Working in collaboration with PwC, Thomson Reuters and as part of the Accelerator Frankfurt, Shield FC is offering these organisations the capability to capture, archiving, record-keeping and investigation of interactions across all electronic communications (eComms) channels, in order to satisfy the federal financial supervisory authority – BaFin.

Germany is renowned for having some of the most stringent regulatory requirements in the EU and many financial institutions are struggling with how to fix big holes in their compliance readiness. CEO of Shield FC, Shiran Weitzman explains: “The accurate and comprehensive acquisition of structured and unstructured data; the ability to integrate and correlate trade and eComms information; how to run sufficient record-keeping and the tools to full reconstruct and investigate trades in a timely manner. These are the issues that keep compliance teams and senior management awake at night, in the wake of MiFID II, MAR, GDPR and other recent regulatory changes.”

The Shield 2.0 Financial Compliance Data Management Platform was launched earlier this year to address and automate these exact issues, as well as future regulatory challenges such as those surrounding. Last week, Shield FC was invited by PwC, to present how the platform could be used to also address record-keeping aspects of blockchain-based financial transactions, in the face of upcoming Blockchain regulation.

Next week in Frankfurt, Shiran will be at the Fin Meets Tech event to address these issues in a presentation entitled ‘Financial Compliance for MiFID II, GDPR, MAR and more’. Weitzman adds: “In the past it may have been possible, yet not preferable, to manually manage many processes but now, with the volume and complexity of interactions and transactions taking place across voice, email, chat and SMS etc it simply not viable from a cost or compliance perspective. This is why so many large firms are adopt innovative technologies from specialist start-ups such as Shield FC.”

He continues: “Our platform is truly agnostic, meaning firms are able to integrate their existing and future systems without addition cost or complication.”

Shield FC will also use the Fin Meets Tech event to introduce the machine learning capabilities being introduced to the platform. Weitzman gives a preview: “Powerful machine learning algorithms will automatically assess cases Compliance Officers investigate and those they reject. Each time a case is dismissed the platform understands why and consequently, over time they are only presented with investigations that require their expert attention. This saves times means Compliance Officers focus on what matters most.”

About Shield FC
With a unique enterprise-grade data management platform for electronic communication specialising in the financial compliance domain, Shield FC helps financial institutions to manage and control communication data to meet regulatory requirements, without impacting operational performance. We do this by developing innovative, elegant and cost-effective solutions that address the real-life complexities of managing the impact of regulatory change.

Shield FC combines eComms technology and big data expertise with in-depth operational compliance experience. Advanced data management solutions automate eComms record-keeping as well as Best Execution and trade-flow investigation compliance. It provides a single platform for regulated firms to seamlessly capture, archive and investigate interactions across all eComms channels, as required by regulations including MiFID II, GDPR, MAR, Dodd Frank and FINRA record-keeping, compliance reporting and data governance standards.

Shield FC’s APIs work with a firm’s existing call recording systems, eComms solutions and other stored information, to speedily combine discrete data sets into a compliance archiving record-keeping data vault accessed by an intuitive end-user time-lined interface. By providing a holistic dashboard overview of each trade that combines the complete range of electronic communications with order management data, ShieldFC enables compliance and data managers to provide complex answers to corporate clients, customers and regulators within the regulatory timeframe.

With an innovative end-to-end data vault platform accessible both on-premise and on-cloud, Shield FC enables financial institutions, including trading venues, retail banks, investment firms and asset managers, to intelligently and efficiently store, manage, and control communication data. We provide unified compliance and e-discovery workflow tools that operate across the entire range of digital communications, including voice, email, social media, websites, IM, web, professional chat, OMS EMS, CRM and more.