Second edition of book “Happy Customers Faster Cash U.S. Edition” published

Selling on open account terms is a common business practice in the United States and in many other countries. Business people often take it for granted that customers will pay their invoices on time, but in reality that is not always the case. This may result in cash flow problems and potentially putting pressure on the relationship with customers. Talking to customers about late payments can be uncomfortable for many business people, either because they don’t like to talk about the subject with their customers or they don’t feel secure how to do that effectively without harming the customer relationship. In “Happy Customers Faster Cash United States 2nd Edition” the authors address these issues in a practical manner based on many years of experience in the field.

“Happy Customers Faster Cash U.S. 2nd Edition” provides the reader practical insights and examples helping him/her getting paid on time and simultaneously work on maintaining and building a good relationship with the customer. The authors combined insights from sales, account management, credit management and service management, which offers the reader an integrated view and practical information that can be applied in any organization.

“Happy Customers Faster Cash U.S. 2nd Edition” is written for both the new and seasoned credit professionals as well as small and medium sized business owners, who already do or are planning to do business in the United States.

The second edition is completely updated and contains the following information:

· The full core edition of “Happy Customers Faster Cash”

· A new chapter on measuring credit performance

· Credit management in the U.S.

· U.S. business culture and communication in credit management in the U.S.

· Useful links

For more detailed information about the book, corporate edition and training please visit The paperback version of Happy Customers Faster Cash U.S. 2nd Edition is available on Amazon.