Research reveals Clicks and Bricks is shaping the future of used car buying

Customer satisfaction with the service they received from the salesperson at the dealership was a staggering 93%. Clicks and Bricks is shaping the future of used car buying, combining the best of online control and transparency with the practical, personal service and aftersales attributes of a dealer. Typically, this dealer is under 35 minutes’ drive-time from the customers’ home, meaning after-sales support can be easily accessed.

“The speed, control and transparency of an omni-channel approach to used car buying is proving to be a winning combination,” said MotoNovo Finance CEO, Mark Standish.

“Car buying and financing has undergone a quiet transformation over recent years. Online access to car data, reviews and a host of finance product guides puts the customer in control, meaning they arrive at a showroom informed and empowered. Dealers have adapted their approach to support customers to complete their sales journey in the showroom and beyond.

“Dealers are better suited than online models to serve three primary roles in the used car buying journey; superior service, reassurance and after-sales support. The situation is more pronounced for used cars than for new cars. People want support, guidance and crucially they want to see and touch a used car and feel supported beyond the purchase.”

The importance of used car dealers to car buyers is reflected in their continuing presence in towns and cities across the UK. While High Streets are struggling in the face of an adage that; ‘if you can buy it online you will buy it online.’ A position that now sees many High Streets dominated by service-led businesses; hairdressers, barbers, nail bars etc. Places where personal service matters. It is why used car dealers still exist; they combine online access with in-store service.

The challenge of retailing a complex, high value used item has proved difficult for a number of brands that have entered and departed the market. Aftersales service on a national basis and the cost of distribution proved to be particularly challenging. On the other hand, a local dealership offers local reassurance and car buyers value this benefit.

Mark concludes; “The used car market is very competitive as is car financing. As a business, we are committed to digital; we are also committed to premises. For car buyers, our research continues to provide compelling evidence that when it comes to used car buying, clicks and bricks works best.”